YafoYoga is a sacred space. The classes are small and intimate, and create an energy that will flow through you for the rest of you day and evening.

for vijnana yoga or bodywork sessions with matan on Sundays and Tuesdays - Send an SMS to +972 52-839-6997. ***
A new Semester of classes will begin soon.

For vinyasa classes with Shelly on Saturdays at 10:45 - send an sms to +972 58-743-4777.
*** A new session of her yin training will begin soon on thursday evenings.

For prenatal or Mommy and baby classes with Maya on Thursdays -
send an sms to +972 54- 834-7852

If you are interested in organizing a private or semi-private class in the space, contact us to schedule a 60 min. or 90 min. class.


Class Descriptions and Fees

Class Descriptions and Fees

Class Descriptions

  • Vinyasa Flow - With more dynamic movement, these classes offer students an opportunity to dance with their breath. In a steady rhythm, Vinyasa yoga threads alignment, movement, and stillness together to go deeper into the physical, emotional, and mental layers of the body. Each class will warm up the body and move through Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) and then move through sequences that combine different asanas (standing, balancing, twisting, hip openers, backbends). We finish the class with seated forward bends, restorative poses, and Savasana (final resting pose). 

  • Vinyasa Vijnana - 
    Matan's classes integrate the Vijnana principles, along with other methods and creative imagination in order to bring the     practice to life. 
    The guiding principles of Vijnana classes include:
    - "Just sitting" - softly guided meditation
    - Pranayama practice
    - Asana practice and exploration, based on natural + vital principals — relaxing the body, quieting the mind, finding clear intention, rooting, connecting, expansion — broadening + elongation, and breath awareness — all these allow us to sense, and understand from within. 

  • Prenatal Classes - Based on Vinyasa Yoga, prenatal classes modify the sequences to be appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. Doing yoga during pregnancy can be extremely helpful in relieving pain, bringing space and breath to the body, and helping to prepare for birth.  


Drop-in Class: 70 NIS

5 class card (expires in 2 months): 300 NIS (60 NIS a class) 

10 class card (expires in 3 months): 550 NIS (55 NIS a class)

First Time Offer: 

Trial class - 40 NIS

We accept cash and checks.
There is limited space in the studio.
Please email yafoyoga@gmail.com to register for a class, or sign up on mindbody.